Happy S5

Bio: I treat sexuality as an academic topic and as if I am in a college class sharing my life experiences. Personally, I am a bit confused sexually. Part of the reason for the confusion is because of medication, I believe[Quote, 1]. I was sexually hyperactive, but I did not have sex with any man or woman, and the hyperactivity stopped when I stopped the medication[Quote, 1]. Quote: Researchers at Beijing's National Institute of Biological Sciences worked with male mice that lack a gene which makes serotonin, they introduced mice of both genders into their cages and observed the actions. Simply put, giving the rodents too much serotonin and they were not able to obtain erections, but when taken away, their drives just wouldn't stop no matter with fellow males or females."[1] References: [1] MNT. Does Less Serotonin In The Body Lead To Increased Bisexuality?, Mar. 25, 2011. medicalnewstoday.com[online]. 2014. Available from: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/220281.php

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